Tite Kubo Has a Reply for Bleach Haters

bleach thousan year blood war

It's been too long since Bleach has been on the radar, but anime fans have finally brought the series back into the limelight. This year, the anime will return triumphantly as Ichigo Kurosaki will experience the manga's final arc on screen.

Of course, this means Tite Kubo is busy, so the creators have less time to mess with the haters. And if they're coming for Bleach, well – the artist has a few word choices for them to munch on.

For those who need a little background info here, Kubo has dealt with the part of haters in life. Bleach was one of the most popular Shonen Jump series during its publication, so it's sure to garner criticism. However, some of them made things private when they insulted characters like Orihime, and Kubo fought back on Twitter.

In several now-deleted tweets, Kubo addressed the netizens who dedicated time to harassing him about Bleach. It was there that he told the haters to make their own manga if they were so confident in their skills and leave Bleach to those who enjoyed it.

"If you're talented enough to draw something more interesting than Bleach, you should be a mangaka right away," he says.

"If it's better, it can be more successful than Bleach. If you say you can't draw, then work hard and become an editor advising mangaka. If you have any talent, you'll be accepted."

Kubo went on to say those without the talent or inkling for work would be smarter to remain silent.

"For those who are not talented, and those who do not work but complain about their unjust fate, Kana does nothing but hinder us who work hard. They close their eyes and pierce themselves into the cracks, surviving by mouth. they open eat nothing but rain and dust."

Obviously, Kubo had reached boiling point with this comment, and has since been removed from his page. However, the Internet is forever, and Bleach fans remind everyone of the artist's brutal words.

You don't have to like Bleach, and of course, you can criticize it however you want. But when haters take things too far, well – they better put up a manga that lives up to their expectations or shut up.