A Letter to My Future 30 Year Old Self

Dear Future Me,

Hey dude! This is coming from your 20-year-old-self. I just wanted to write this letter to you. It's said that writing a letter to our future self is an intimate act of self-love. And of course, I love us.

First of all, have you got married? Oh, please take care your beloved wife, she's amazingly beauty and kind-hearted. I'm jealous.

Okay, I am feeling frustrated, uneasy and stressed now. Completely bored and unmotivated by life. I see many options and possibilities, sometimes too many. Caring about so many things that I get easily offended. Okay, you know better what I am feeling right now in my early twenties. I hope the future self-exercise by writing this letter could help me cope. I just need someone to listen, a good listener, and you're the only one.

In your 30, have you got succesful in your carier life? What's your job? I'm very curious what I will be in next ten years.

You know, it's my last year in college, and I just realize that I think I pick a wrong major. I confused what I will be. I'm not hate my major, I hate myself. I think I have to write another letter for my 17 year old self. He is so stupid, immature, and don't know himself. I will give him an advice to read a lot of book in his high school. I'll force him to love book. Ah, It's so frustrating. Yeah, being attracted to sad and dark things is my nature.

Oh shit, you, stop smirking like that. I know you are so damn succesful. I see you smile with gratitude for all of the lessons I am in the middle of. The gut wrenching, painful moments of extreme self-hate, followed by harsh judgments and flurries of condescending words; you are proud to have them be a part of your past. You made it through and hold nothing but positive loving thoughts for yourself.

I am going to leap into the unknown and completely follow my heart. I am going to become the person you know I can be. Future self, you are my guide and you show me what is possible for our life. You show me that no matter what life throws at us, we are stronger, smarter, healthier and more beautiful than ever, not because we rise above it, though we do, but because we have the courage to keep going.

Future self, you rock, and I am so unbelievably proud I get to become you.

Love forever,
Your younger, sad and underweight, yet doing the best he can, and hopeful self …