DSLR stuff that I want

Okay, I am photographer now. Amateur photographer I mean. I just have an entry level DSLR - Nikon D3100-, and I am still learning about photography. I learn about videography too.

Although my Nikon D3100 just an entry-level, I want to maximize and optimize my camera with this stuff that I want to have. Stuff that will make me look like a protog. So here are the list...

1. Camera bag
I just want local brand camera bag from Bandung. I don't mind about Crample, Lowepro, or Domke. I want leather camera bag.

2. Shutter release
This is important stuff. For selfie!

3. Shotgun mic

I must have this one to make a short film or any video.

4. Variabel ND filter

5. Fix 50mm lens

Yeah, it will be great for Human Interest or Street photography.

6. Wireless mic
I have this stuff for make Youtube video or short film.

7. External flash

8. Camera hood

Hope I will be a great photographer and videographer. Not just from the look. :D